He’s all natural, won’t harm the earth!

An Unique Gift
We modernized St Joseph’s image and made the packaging eye catching. EcoJoe® is a great and unique gift for friends who are selling their homes.

For real estate agents, it is also a great promotional gift for clients. We purposely left spaces on the back of our gift kits for your promotional marketing stickers. EcoJoe® will help you stand out from the crowd of realtors. It is a marketing purple cow.

Green Alternative
Plastic St. Joseph statues release poisonous toxins into our water, soil and eco-system during its productions & breakdown.

Plastic is a by-product of crude oil. When plastic products are produced, toxic chemicals are released into our atmosphere. The production also takes away valuable water resources and poisons our grounds.

EcoJoe® is a great all natural alternative.

All natural, won’t harm the earth!
EcoJoe® is made with 100% clay, hand molded, fired in kiln and left out to air dry for 30-40 days.

The biodegradable packaging is printed with soy based ink on 100% recycled cardboard (gift kit) or stone paper (regular kit) that is made with 70% marble powder.

We also purchased carbon credits to offset the carbon produced during shipping and manufacturing.


Do you know that during the construction of a two-bedroom single family home, the process can produce enough waste to fill up one of the bedrooms that we just built?

We were just as shocked when we found out.

Real estate can be a very wasteful industry, and our goal behind EcoJoe® is to raise awareness and open up dialogue without preaching to our consumers. EcoJoe® is the original green alternative to plastic St Joseph statues.

Who is Saint Joseph?

It is believed that Joseph is the husband of Mary (mother of Jesus). Christian traditions view Joseph as the foster father of Jesus. It is said that he taught Jesus the trade of carpentry.

We did quite a bit of research when we were developing EcoJoe®. It is not clear where the notion of burying a St Joseph statue started. Many say it’s a bit of a superstition. usually, saints are used as ‘intercessors’ – aiding us in something we need help in – and usually, each saint is noted for a particular strength, based on their lives. For example, a saint that was a nurse may be prayed to when illness strikes.

Since Joseph was a carpenter and likely built/repaired houses, that is probably where he came in as a patron saint of carpenters/protecting houses. Usually, you use a little statue as an icon for ‘protection’ of some sort. For example: we see Ganesh statues around a yoga studio to remind us of removing obstacles for us. It is the same with saint icons. The burying of the statue is akin to St. Joseph watching over for good fortune for anything to do with houses. Even if it is a superstition – it still focuses attention on a positive outcome, and asks for help/intervention from a higher source – not a bad thing.

To us, Saint Joseph is the hardest working saint in real estate. He is all natural, won’t harm the earth.


When I first was made aware of Eco Joe I was absolutely impressed, even speechless. While I knew of the Saint Joseph tradition in Real Estate, the Eco friendly spin on this long time tradition was truly genius. The founder Cindy Lin is truly a rising star in today’s real estate community.

– Shell Brodnax, President/CEO Real Estate Staging Association

“Awesome Gift – Highly Effective”

My folks had been trying to sell their house for about 6 months. This economy is tough, but they were excited to have an offer about two months into it. They went all the way up to closing when the buyer backed out. Finally in November of 2011 they pulled their home from the market. I bought this St. Joseph statue as a gag for them for Christmas. I attached him to the top of a package. He was a hit at our family unwrapping party as he was passed from guest to guest. The packaging is clever and rather entertaining. In January my parents re-listed their home. They followed the directions for St. Joe’s magic and buried in him. Their house sold in two weeks! Eco Joe is a fun gift and is ecologically friendly. I recommend him to anyone who is trying to sell a home. His price is reasonable, so what, beyond a few bucks, have you got to loose? – 5 Star Review by Karin T. via Amazon.com

Eco-Joe is an exciting new addition to the family of extras we offer in our Real Estate staging business. The long honored tradition of invoking heavenly help for a homes sale rounds out our program to help sellers sell faster. Being eco friendly is a definite plus that fits our company standards.

– Bob Lance, Enhanced by Lance Home Staging Company

“We added St. Joseph to our front yard about 2 months after our house went on the market. With 2 other homes in our neighborhood for sale, ours was the first to sell! And I felt good about the natural products, since I wasn’t planning on digging him up afterwards… I know, that’s against the rules…”4 Star Review By Carolyn H. Burton (Sweet Briar, VA) on Amazon.com

We market Eco-Joe on our website in order to help with SEO and to highlight the fact that we are a eco-conscious business. Most recently, we gave a way Eco-Joe’s at a real estate conference (the them was Growing a Greener city, so Joe fit right in). We also take Eco-Joe’s with us to functions at real estate related functions as “bread and butter” gifts to thank our host and hostesses, and we give Eco-Joe as gifts to our top clients.

Eco-Joe helps stagers in marketing their businesses, in generating additional revenue streams and in creating an awareness around the environment and how important stagers/ re-designers are in this process.


– Ashley Whittenberger, Certified Window Treatment Professional, Real Estate Staging Expert, Award Winning Top-Producer

“It worked for us!”

I ordered & received the EcoJoe on-line in January 2012. Within a month, we had a contract on my dad’s house. And we closed on the house today! I enjoyed reading all the antidotes, on-line, from other people’s experiences with their St Joseph statue. I kept EcoJoe on my kitchen table while trying to decide when & where I would bury it. I told a friend the house was sold before I had a chance to bury the statue. She told me you don’t even have to bury it, for it to bring you good luck. And that is my happy ending. -5 Star Review by N. A. from IL via Amazon.com

“Finally an Eco-Friendly Solution!”

I love Eco Joe! We bought one and used it to help sell my mother-in-law’s house. The housing market has tanked in Los Angeles (like everywhere) yet thanks to our little ceramic saint we got our FULL ASKING PRICE within about 30 days. Nothing short of a miracle.

This is a really cute gift idea for someone who’s selling their house. The packaging is really nice and design-savvy, so while this is only a $15 item it looks much more expensive (and cool). Plus you won’t look like a cheapskate who bought a 99 cent plastic St. Joseph.

I like that the statue is completely environment-friendly, too. While I’m not the most green person in the world, the idea of thousands of plastic statues buried in the neighborhood isn’t very appealing. All that plastic leaches chemicals which get into the soil and water supply….I love that Eco Joe will disentegrate on his own after the house is sold making room for further prosperity for future owners. It’s got to be good Karma. – 5 Star Review by Diana L Mercer via Amazon.com


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